LazyDaze Blissan Triple Ur Pleasure CD MH WCX CCA VC TDI

TRIPP 1st place Hunting Retriever Dog at 2014 GRCA National Specialty

Tripp is a Manny kid from his first litter. Right from the box Tripp demonstrated as a standout performance pup. He stands at 23 inches, balanced with good angles, topline, substance and nice head. His side movement is effortless floating around the ring and is clean coming and going. He is a super fun, happy guy who loves to do *anything*. His personality is silly like his Dad, his temperament is rock solid with dogs, kids, puppies and whole males. His enthusiasm knows no bounds wether he is making a game with himself, a human or another dog he is always having fun! 'What game are we going to play?' is always his question. He is a bouncy, upbeat worker in obedience with great attention and happy attitude. In field, he a great marker with drive and style and a super nose.
Tripp died at the age of 6 due to renal failure. He was diagnosed with damage to the glomular part of his kidney after a routine Lyme test. He was a happy, energetic boy right up to the final week of his life. There was no cancer anywhere in his body and his kidneys were of normal shape and size. He was the joy of my life and we miss him terribly.
2/20/17 Therapy Dogs International certified
6/16/16 Versatile Certificate issued from the GRCA
4/17/16 CD title 198.5 HIT
4/16/16  CD leg 195.5
 4/2/16 1st CD leg with a score of 198
9/27/15 MH title GRCA 2015 NS
 9/19/15 4th Master pass LRCGB
8/15/15 3rd Master pass YGRC
10/31/14 First place Hunting Retriever Dogs GRCA NS
10/26/14 2nd Master pass GRCA NS
9/28/14 Master pass at 2.5 years old on his first attempt
8/16/14 WCX title
6/8/14 Receives his CCA with all 9's and 10's
5/30/14 1st place in Am Bred at YGRC Specialty 
1/25/14 Awarded the YGRC Junior Hunter Trophy 
10/13 Made it to the 3rd series in the GRCA NS Derby Stake
10/12/13 At 21 months old, passing 4 out of 4 tests for his Senior Hunter title
9/28/13 Receives his 3rd straight Senior Hunter pass
8/31 and 9/1/13 Back to back Senior hunter passes
8/17/13- Awarded his WC 
7/28/13- A new Junior Hunter passing 4 out of 4 tests

Master water series 2014 GRCA National Specialty

HIT 198.5