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First encounter with a pheasant!

7 weeks

7 weeks

Senior pass 2009

Senior VT 2009

Senior- VT 2009

Photo by Donna Cutler

Photo by Donna Cutler

Nice hold! Photo by Donna Cutler

Master 2011. Photo by Susan Lindberg

Photo by Donna Cutler

Meeting Maxi for the first time

Photo by Kathy Doyle

Nice form! Photo by Kathy Doyle

YGRC Master 2011

Master VT 2011. Photo by Susan Lindberg

Ungroomed having fun on a walk

Tower shoot 2/18/12

Manny going Best Gun Dog at CRVGRC Specialty under judge Michael Faulkner

May 2012

Finished test may 2012

Manny is 4th place in an *all breed* O/H Qualifying!


Photo taken by Marsha Wilcox


2013 photo by Kathy Doyle-Winslow

2013 Photo by Kathy Doyle-Winslow

Second Major under Kathy Lorentzen November 2012

Major win! Sept 2012

LI Specialty 2013

It's official- DDHF!!

BOW LI Specialty 2013


4 point Major


photo by Rose Ann Porucznik

photo by Susan Lindburg

Manny and Graeme discussing strategy

photo by Susan Lindburg

photo by Jill Simmons

photo by Jill Simmons

BIG kisses for Graeme!

photo by rose Ann Porucznik

photo by Rose Ann Porucznik

photo by rose Ann Porucznik

2013 National Specialty Q

2013 Qual

Bill Lester trophy 2013 GRCA National Specialty

Gun Dog Magazine Oct 2013 edition

2013 Qual

Wanting to visit with the photographer photo by Barb Loree

1st Field Dog class at GRCA National Specialty 2013


Qual 2013

2013 GRCA ad by Anney Doucette

22 months- photo by Karen Hocker

24 months~ photo by Karen Hocker

22 months Senior test in VT 2009

2/8/14 First time out as a special


RWD GRCC Regional Specialty 2014

New UD first place!

BISS Winner! 11/15/14

The official word from AKC!

found my spiked snow tread that fell off- tracking next for this boy!

After a hard day playing

Canada Regional Specialty 2014

Waiting to go in for BOB 2014 GRCA National

Birthday friends at obed trial

He dug this hole himself- some good smells in there!

What a guy!


Hudson Vally GR Specialty 6/5/15

Owner handled BOB! 6/5/15