Jul. 29, 2013

July 2013

Tripp finished up is JH in VT this past weekend passing 4 out of 4 tests. He is SO fun to run and is so very enthusiastic and animated (sometimes too enthusiastic) when running. I wanted to see what mechanics we need to work on and get some 'line time' in with him. Gleaned some good info...  he wasn't going to break but definitely wanted to get to line in a hurry. At the water series on saturday he left me in the blind alone while he dashed to line after hearing 'guns up'. The funny thing about that is we practice the line chatter and standard questions while training all the time but you really can't replicate the excitement of a real test! He gives me a lot of effort and makes me laugh with the inquizzitive ears up and head tilt when I talk to him. He is a real chip off the block as far as being silly and personable! Love him! :)