Jul. 8, 2013

summer 2013

Utiltiy is on the back burner yet again, going to have to wait till the field season is over. Consistant field training with Manny was elusive for 8 solid months due to the snowy winter and all the travel for conformation shows. He's doing well now and I am planning on running a few more Quals with him and plan to run his son Tripp in Derby next month.

Tripp is doing really well in training- very enthusiastic and catches on quickly to concepts. He is a lot of fun to run! He is through swim by and is handling at a SH level. He has the concept of a double and distance, right now I am now working on tightening the marks. We've been doing lots of water and cheating singles. Not sure I will have enough time to properly decheat him by August but we are going to give Derby a whirl!